Graphite Studio in Insurance
Icon of a calendar with an event.

Event Scheduling

Events can be scheduled to be processed by nightly batch or immediately using either the Schedule Event shape or the Run Event shape. Other Event shapes provide access to data states before an event processed as well after the event processed.

Icon of transactions on a timeline.

Data Hierarchy

Processed Events maintain a data hierarchy of associated entities, both before and after the event was processed. This feature can be used effectively to show how a business transaction has affected a policy, a role, a premium and so on.

A plot line sits on top of a stack of cards.

Transaction Timeline

Keep track of Event processing of a behavior by recording association to a specific User and System Date. This allows built applications to contain a timeline of transactions for any entity.

Event Reprocessing

Undo Processing

Commonly used when incorrect data needs to be corrected, the platform offers the capability to automatically add a pending Event that can fix the data and reprocess the Event.

Custom Redo

Graphite Studio provides the capability to build a custom Undo Behavior and/or a custom Redo which will be automatically invoked when an Event is undone or reprocessed.

Event Processing

Nightly Batch and Asynchronous Processing

The Graphite Studio platform comes with a windows service based batch-processing mechanism. This service runs across a webserver cluster to facilitate the batch processing to scale horizontally.

Asynchronous Processing

Lightweight and Flexible

The batch processing windows service is lightweight and contains a scheduling mechanism to process and schedule Events.

Asynchronous Processing

The Asynchronous shape uses the underlying Graphite Studio batch windows service asynchronous processing and can be spread across webservers, providing a scalable, multi-threading architecture.